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Tubular ribbed knit - Canadian - Pale mixed gray

Tubular ribbed knit - Canadian - Pale mixed gray

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Ribbed knitting is characterized by its ribbed texture, ideal for finishing garments such as sweater sleeves and edges. Thanks to its elasticity and easy recovery, ribbed knitting is also very popular in the field of sports textiles. This product, entirely manufactured in Canada, supports the local economy by creating jobs and promoting the growth of small Canadian businesses. By choosing this product, you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it is manufactured locally, without having to be transported long distances. It is perfect for sewing tops, pants, loungewear etc. Combine the product with the loop knit, Color-coordinated tracksuit fleece

Contenu: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

Largeur du tissus:60in - 150cm

Entretien du tissu:Machine washable


L'élasticité du tissu:50%

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